Friday, May 24, 2013


On Tuesday, we took our first trip to Florence!  I had been waiting for this day, because I had heard so much about the sites available to explore.  We took a bus to the train station and took a train into Florence.  Dr. Krieg guided us through parts of the city before stopping to have a coffee.  Sierra decide to ride a carousel and explore some more instead of sitting down.

 We first went to the Uffizi.  If you love art, you will love this! I was enthralled by the differences between the paintings and how the artists decided to portray certain Christian stories.  Some paintings displayed people of various hair color, skin color, body shape, etc. while others displayed people looking the same.  I was surprised at how many paintings displayed people with strawberry blonde to red hair.  Pictures were not allowed in the Ufizzi :(.

After the Ufizzi, we followed Dr. Krieg to a sit down restaurant and enjoyed some fellowship with one another.  Then, he took us to the Ponte Vecchio (a section of Florence known for its jewelry shopping).  The jewelry was beautiful, but a tad to high for an AmeriCorps member!

For the rest of the day, we ended up just enjoyed some cafe and vino with some other participants and then just walked around through the city.  We will have a few more chances to go back during which I hope to see the duomo!

Here are some more pictures from Florence:


  1. Florence was my favorite city when I went. The duomo is pretty sweet! I have a ton of pics of that. Did you see the statue of David yet? I can't remember what the name of the museum he's in is. But, you should definitely go there. He's HUGE!!!!