Friday, May 24, 2013

Day 6

Our first presentation was completed by Dott. Andrew Cicogni, a psychiatrist of Azienda Sanitaria di Firenze (National Health Service).  His presentation was refreshing in his description of his services.  He provides art therapy, music therapy, theatre therapy, social skills training and seems to approach his sessions from a wellness approach.  He commented that “It is not how to cure; what can I do to stay well?”

He also covered some of the history of psychiatry in Italy.  A law in 1978 outlawed asylums.  During the last portion of his presentation, he spoke about domestic violence.  He works with domestic violence perpetrators.  He reported that domestic violence is very prevalent and some men justified their assaults or murders of their wives if the wife had cheated.

A counselor named Lorenzo, who is part of a prominent counseling school in Italy, presented our next session.  He explained the educational process of counseling.  In UAB’s counseling program, we are required to complete 8 sessions of counseling as a client.  In Italy, it is common for instructors to counsel their students!  A minimum of 50 hours of personal counseling is required. He reiterated Paola’s claim that two types of students exist: students who want to become counselors and students who are taking counseling classes to better themselves.

In the afternoon, Dr. Paul offered a walking tour of the area surrounding Casa Cares.  We visited an olive press and a wine cellar.  The family decided to stop producing wine, but the enormous barrels are still present.  There are small holes in the barrels through which workers would go inside.  Some of our smaller participants were encouraged to enter through the holes, but they decided to just take a picture and pretend!

The building rents out apartments for people visiting Italy and even owns a peacock!  Unfortunately, I think we scared the peacock as we crowded around.

Some photographs from the tour:

After our tour, a man named Salvatore came to demonstrate how he makes cheese from sheep milk.  I tried the cheese!

My next blog post will be about the city of Assisi, which I believe has surpassed Lucca in favoritism… J

Pace e bene!


  1. WOW! It's great you're having such a great time! I know you"re learning a lot. Always remember knowledge is found NOT only in books. It also includes our life experiences. I can't wait to see you and hear about all the things you saw and learned!

    Love and Peace POPs

  2. Thanks Papa :) We are due for a little donkey outing!